A letter to my child: You are worthy

Today’s “article” is a letter I’m writing for my son and your children as well.

It’s a message they don’t often hear.

I’m teary as I write it.

Honestly, it’s a message I wish I had heard more as a child.

Let’s keep this in mind when we feel life is stressful and our kids are struggling. No matter what, we are all worthy.


Dear Son,


Of all the things I teach you in life, the one lesson I hope you carry with you until your dying day is this: You Are Worthy.


You are worthy of love, because you are you. No other reason other than you are beautiful and perfectly who you are.


You are worthy of compassion and empathy because life can be hard and mean and you deserve someone to see your side during hard times.


You are worthy of comfort because battling the metaphorical demons and batting away the slings and arrows is exhausting and unfair and you deserve a safe place to come home to.


You are worthy of being given the benefit of the doubt because you are kind and good and trying your best.


You are worthy of kindness and patience because life is not a race, there are no real deadlines and I’d rather you be moving at your own pace, than anxious that you can’t keep up with ours.


You are worthy of play and fun because life should not be one big problem to solve and serious things to learn. Life should feel good most days. You deserve to be able to pursue your curiosity and passions freely and with fervor.


You are worthy of rest. Tired brains and bodies get sick. You matter so your rest matters. Sleep well and take a day off from “doing.”


You are worthy of a nonjudgmental helping hand when you make mistakes. You are human. Mistakes are part of our job as we learn and grow and try new things. You will fail. And you are worthy of being picked up, dusted off and encouraged to try again.


Your worth is not defined by:

  • Your grades or academic progress
  • How many friends you have
  • Your social media presence
  • Meeting my every expectation as your parent
  • How clean and neat you are
  • Your looks


Remember this: You matter. You have so much worth. You make my world better every day by just showing up and being you.


You are worth every good thing that comes your way. And you are worth support when times get tough.


Please shine your light brightly. Tell your stories. Sing loudly. Dance and jump and race around. Sit quietly and daydream. Create.

All of that matters. All of it is good.


We’ll disagree. We’ll have hard times. I’ll make mistakes as a parent and you’ll make mistakes as a kid and we’ll all be ok.


We really, really will be ok.
Love you always, Mom