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Child Development Partners, LLC, is a private psychological practice dedicated to the treatment and support of children/adolescents diagnosed with ADHD, Autism and other Executive Functioning disorders and their families.

Founded by Susan Giurleo,PhD in 2005, she was thrilled to bring in Allison Andrews, PsyD, as her “partner in crime” in May, 2014.

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Susan Giurleo, PhD

120307_13I founded Child Development Partners as a child and family focused specialty psychological practice because I see a huge need for such a treatment focus in our community.

Through my graduate training at Boston University and University of Illinois, and as a former clinician in public schools, universities, and residential treatment programs I learned these important lessons:

  • All people, regardless of background and presenting problems are doing the best they can to make meaning of their lives.
  • We all have strengths, regardless of how glaring our weaknesses may be.
  • People with behavioral health difficulties have much to offer, but are too often pushed aside and dismissed as too fragile, or incapable of change.
  • Relationships can be healing if they are respectful and include honesty and genuine openness to getting to know another person.

I also learned that, as a licensed psychologist, I am most excited by working with children, adolescents and their families. Children are full of hope and optimism—even those who are struggling in one way or another. They are open to change and learning new things. Many of them wear their feelings on their sleeves, and even those who are more reserved will let adults know how they are feeling in more subtle ways.   In summary, they are the perfect psychotherapy clients! For me, young people and their families are a joy to work with.

Since my graduate school days, I have focused my practice and training on working with children who exhibit behavioral, attentional, and learning disorders.

I have developed a unique approach to psychotherapy with children that was born of my experiences working in residential programs and public schools. The approach is informed by my philosophy that all children are members of several communities, primary of which is their immediate family, followed closely by their community in their school. My work with children, always includes work with parents, as appropriate for child’s age and presenting concerns. In essence, I view us all as “partners” in treating a child’s social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties.

I have used this model, in combination with cognitive behavioral/behavioral therapy, and coaching modalities in individual and group psychotherapy programs in residential, school, hospital and private practice settings with great success.

In my spare time I’m usually helping my 10 year old with homework or cheering him on in his various sporting pursuits.

Allison Andrews, PsyD


aa_V_022editedI am a licensed psychologist and have a PsyD in Clinical Psychology from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. After graduate school, I completed a post doctoral fellowship in couples and family therapy at the Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard medical school. I have previously worked and trained in a variety of setting including college, community mental health and inpatient settings.

Prior to joining Dr. Giurleo, my private therapy and coaching practice focused on helping parents of quirky kids through a combination of practical strategies and emotional support.  My goal is always to help parents increase calm and connection while also building skills for themselves and supporting skill development in their children.

Like Dr. Giurleo, I believe in a down to earth, practical and solution focused approach to working with parents and families. This is an approach that values strengths and values “quirks” but also acknowledges that daily life can be difficult and feel overwhelming when your child struggles with things like transitions, sensory issues, learning, attention or executive functioning.

I believe that everyone, no matter what the issue or problem, is inherently wired to grow, change and develop along their own unique path. I believe that when people are supported in the right ways, differences can be a source of extraordinary strength.

Our approach is one of skill development and empowerment.

We work together to empower your child to understand how his brain works, develop strategies and coping skills to manage the daily demands of school and a social life, and ultimately developing skills to support the transition to independent, successful adulthood.

In addition, we empower parents to enjoy their child for all of her unique traits, skills and passions. We see our role as coaching the “coach” (that’s you) to support your child at home in developing new skills to manage school, homework, and social situations.

Ultimately, we empower families to work together to minimize stress, arguing and conflict.

Through our newsletter, workshops, and coaching programs we provide families the information, tools, skills, and support they need to bring peace, calm, organization, and joy to living with children who are unique in the ways they think, process and communicate.

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