Client Profiles

Here at Child Development Partners, we work with children and adolescents, aged 4 to 21, who experience difficulties managing behaviors, emotions, attention and organization and social skills.

Clients are children diagnosed with:

  • attention deficit disorders
  • autism spectrum disorders
  • specific learning disabilities
  • sensory processing disorders
  • executive functioning disorders
  • anxiety
  • depression

Often parents are the people who must help children to manage behavior and emotions, therefore we work closely with families. While your child may present with behavioral and/or emotional challenges, we believe effective treatment must involve parents in an integral way.

Here are some typical stories that client families share.

“Homework is a nightmare at our house every night. Our 12 year old has a nonverbal learning disorder and finds much of her homework overwhelming. She gets anxious and frustrated when she can’t complete it, annoyed that we need to help her so much, and sad that school is so difficult for her. We all need help with strategies to make school and homework less stressful, and to give her a place to discuss her struggles with someone who understands her needs.”

“Our 10 year old child was recently diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (autism spectrum disorder). His behavior is fine in school and he holds his own academically. But when he comes home he is irritable and can throw tantrums that last hours. Nothing we do seems to comfort him. What can we do to ease his distress? What strategies can he learn to cope in school and at home?”

“My 15 year old has ADHD-Inattentive type. She is a hardworking student, but struggles with organization and getting homework finished and turned in on time. Now that she is in high school, her teachers think she is just “lazy” and chooses not to do her work, and her grades are suffering. What can we do to help her get more organized and help her teachers understand her needs?”

“Our 4 year old son is very anxious and afraid of specific sights and sounds. His worry prevents us from going to certain places or trying new things. Sometimes he will become defiant, or throw tantrums when he is overwhelmed. We need help supporting him and alleviating his stress, and he needs to learn some age appropriate coping skills.”

“Our 7 year old has ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder, and struggles to cope with certain clothes, textures, sounds, and foods. She can become over active and hyper when he is in certain situations, like a busy mall or at a friend’s birthday party. She can then escalate into a full fledged tantrum when she can’t escape these overstimulating environments. We all need help in identifying stressful situations for her and ways she can express her discomfort in appropriate ways.”

Are any of those stories familiar?  If so…

You and your family are likely to be successful working with us if you…

…want to explore and implement real change in behavioral, emotional and social functioning.

…are open to new ways of thinking about behavior and emotion.

… understand that psychotherapy and behavior change require a commitment of resources, including time, emotional energy and finances.

…accept that change is a process that can take time and understand that there are no “quick fixes.”

…are open to a partnership model, where children and parents work together with their psychologist to explore and implement behavioral, emotional, and social change.

Now that you have an idea about the kinds of clients we work with and the issues we work on, click here to learn more about How We Work.