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Monday, January 12, 2015

Are you a parent of a middle or high school student who struggles to get homework organized, done and turned in to the teacher?

Homework is frustrating even for bright children without the right skills.Let’s face it, no one wants to do homework, but in most middle and high schools homework “counts” toward a final grade. In many cases, it counts A LOT, and figuring out how to get homework assignments written down correctly, bringing materials home, doing the work, and getting it back to the teacher on time are important skills to learn.

Why is managing homework an important skill?

Because if you want to go to college and succeed you need to know how to organize your work outside of the classroom. Even if you don’t go to college, many jobs require us to plan for long term projects, organize materials and manage time. Homework does not end after high school and organizational skills are LIFE skills.

Why is organizing homework so hard and confusing for some kids?

Your child WANTS to be organized and be successful in school. He is just as frustrated as you are! (Probably more so, he just doesn’t show it). But sometimes brains are wired differently, and the organizing wire is confused and overwhelmed by these homework demands.

girl doing homeworkIt’s not your child’s fault.

She’s not lazy or careless.

And the solution is not as simple as telling her to “get organized.”

If she could, she would.

Children with difficulty staying organized often have weak executive functioning and need to be directly taught systems and routines to manage organizational demands.

They don’t learn it by watching others or by someone telling them to “focus,” “try harder,” or “a smart kid like you should be able to do this.”

They ARE smart!

They just are not able to organize! Someone needs to teach the organization parts of homework success.

But isn’t it hard to teach homework skills at home?

Often the assignments don’t get written down, or half the materials are missing. Your child does not want your help, but you know his grades are dropping with every missed assignment.

Maybe you register her for a study skills course, or a tutor comes to your home once a week. But do the skills “stick,” or do they just work when she is in class or with the tutor and as soon as those teachers are no longer there, the chaos resumes?

The truth is your child needs to learn these skills independently in “real time,” on a daily basis, while he is doing his homework.

As the parent, you need to be part of your child’s support team, but not the “homework police,” who nags at your student day-after-day. Truthfully, that pattern can be destructive to your relationship and you need to be a safe person for your tween or teen to talk to about stuff beyond homework, trust me.

So as a concerned parent, what can you do to help your child manage homework?

As a means to help your child become more independent and get you out of the “nag cycle,” I developed a program I call:

The Homework Survival Bootcamp

featuring Dr. Susan’s Homework Survival System

Here’s how it works:

First, we start with my Homework Survival System, an 8 part program taught by me, sent to you and your child via online video that will teach a step-by-step system to get homework assignments written down, materials home, homework done and passed in.

The Homework Survival System includes:

1. A simple, straightforward folder/notebook system that keeps all papers neatly organized by subject.

2. Strategies to effectively utilize agenda/assignment books, as well as calendar and reminder apps to keep track of assignments.

3. How to develop a comfortable, effective homework routine at home.

4. Detailed structure to plan for, do the work, and complete long term projects on time.

5. Straightforward, consistent backpack organization.

6. A simple system to keep the school locker organized and efficient for use between classes/before/after school.

This is the system that got me through middle school, high school, college, and 8 years of graduate school, even though I have a learning disability and am not the most organized gal around. It WORKS, it’s SIMPLE, and even kids with attentional and learning differences can use it daily with success.

I will show your child:

  • a homework mindset that removes negative thinking and shifts focus to getting things done, rather than procrastinating
  • what materials he needs to stay organized
  • how to set up his agenda book so it is a useful tool
  • how to leverage technology/apps to be more organized and on task
  • when and where to do homework
  • how to keep backpacks  uncluttered and paperwork organized
  • several systems to figure out what is for homework, even if she forgets to write it down
  • the process to develop a “master plan” to manage long term assignments, term papers, mid-terms and finals

Then I will support your child DAILY in her quest to learn my Homework Survival System.

Yep, Every Day I will contact your student to keep him on track, getting homework organized, done and turned in. I will be in touch with your child DAILY for 8 whole weeks!

How do I do this?

I connect with kids on their turf, via email and text.

(But don’t worry, you will get copies of EVERYTHING I send to your child sent directly to you so you know exactly what is going on).

The emails/texts will be a combination of written reminders, videos and audios just to keep things interesting.

 Here are samples of the texts and emails your child will receive:


Your child will receive daily emails/texts  just like this for 7 weeks!

Not to be too dramatic, but I know of no other homework support program of this intensity anywhere. Your child can take one class or see the tutor once a week, but daily reminders and an entire system on video that he can reference again and again? That is unique and taps into exactly what your child needs:

  • A clear system
  • Daily support
  • And no parent nagging

Father and Son Doing HomeworkThe best part of this for you as a parent is it gets you out of the “nag cycle,” of constantly reminding, worrying, and yes, nagging to help your child figure out his homework.

Now I do the nagging for you!! 🙂

So, let’s recap. In this program you and your child will start receiving 8 video tutorials from me teaching my Homework Survival System. I’ll address every step of the homework process from accepting that homework is a part of life, writing it down, getting the books home, organizing the paperwork, planning projects and getting it all in on time.

Then for 7 weeks you and your child will receive DAILY email and/or text messages from me to keep him on track and working with the system.

I do the reminding, you do the supporting and your child learns an important life skill!

Now, I have only one caveat before we discuss any more details of the program.

Before you consider investing one cent in any homework support program for your child, s/he MUST agree to work with the program. Otherwise, it is a waste of your money and time.

DO NOT purchase this if your student says he won’t do the work or doesn’t care about homework.

Also, the material in this program is explained in detail (see example emails above). Some kids think this is too basic, but others like the intensive support.

So if your child is interested and willing to try something that he can do on his own that will improve his school performance and stop your nagging, sign right up!

Here are the details of the entire program starting October 2, 2014:

First the tech-y stuff:

To participate in this program you and your child must have an email address to which I can send all of this information. They MUST have access to  a computer or mobile device that can support video streaming. (If your computers allow them watch YouTube, they will be fine.)

Students do not have to own a mobile device or receive texts, but if they do have a mobile device, text reminders will be sent to them as well.

When Does Homework Survival Bootcamp Start?

As soon as you purchase this program, you will be directed to register yourself and your student.

Once we receive your registration information we will enter your and your child  into our Bootcamp and send you the first video and the list of materials you will need to start using the Homework Survival System.

Since we want your student to use this program in real time, while she is in school and doing homework, the Homework Survival Bootcamp program will officially start on Monday, January 12, 2015.

Starting on January 12, you and your child will  get a new daily video for 7 consecutive days, teaching the Homework Survival System. All videos are downloadable and you can save them for future reference.

Then, you and your teen will start receiving the daily text/email reminders to use the system. This daily support system will continue for 7 weeks with the last one arriving on Wednesday, February 27. By that time your child should have this system mastered. If not, they have the videos and emails to return to as reference throughout the academic year.


I will give the 8 week
Homework Survival Bootcamp
to you and your child for only 


And to make it super easy for you to register and recommend it, I offer a 100% money back guarantee if your child uses the program but does not see positive results.

But he must use the program, which is why you need him to agree to this before putting down any money at all. But if for some reason it doesn’t work for your child, I’ll pay you back, no questions asked.

Dr. Susan Giurleo

Homework Survival Bootcamp

(featuring the Dr. Susan’s Homework Survival System)

  • 7 step system
  • 8 weeks of support
  • Skills that last a lifetime
  • (and no more nagging!)

To Your Child’s Success,

~ Dr. Susan


PS: Considering two sessions with me in my office cost MORE than this whole 8 week program, this is a great way for your child to get study skills and executive functioning coaching from me personally at a reasonable cost.

PPS: I offer my 100% money back guarantee so you can try this program with no risk. If it doesn’t help your child learn to manage homework by the end of our 8th week, let me know and I will refund your money. I just want your children to be successful and I really think this program can help.

PPPS: Questions? Please ask! Contact me at DrSusan@childdevelopmentpartners.com.