How We Work

What is it like to work with Child Development Partners?

 Our Approach

When you work with us you can expect a thorough assessment of your child and family’s needs. The treatment approach is individualized, goal driven and solution focused.

Our work is a partnership among families, communities and Child Development Partners. We work closely with children, parents, extended families, other medical professionals, and schools to develop, implement, and assess treatment approaches that are useful and effective.

These are the values that inform our work together:

Flexibility and understanding

  • We know some children need to move around the room or play with things while talking and processing information.
  • Kids (and adults) can feel free to take off shoes, wander and explore, play with ALL the toys. We always leave time for clean up at the end.


  • Every child and family has their own unique difficulties to address. Treatment plans are individualized, techniques are flexible and adaptable.
  • Art and creative writing are often utilized to help children express their feelings and explore their sense of self.
  • Game play is used to assess processing, social skills and to facilitate discussion- but this is not play therapy. We use a limited number of games in a structured way to inform our work together.

Sense of humor

  • What we discuss and work on is serious and we are always thoughtful about how we work, but there is laughter and fun as well.

Optimistic outlook

  • We believe change is possible and everyone has strengths to build on.

Relaxed child and family friendly

  • Late afternoon/evening and Saturday appointments
  • Kid friendly furniture –comfortable and easy to clean

Our Philosophy

We have a clearly defined philosophy that informs the work that we do. We believe in the following:

Acceptance of Difference. All children and families are accepted “as you are,” with no judgment or set expectations of how people should be in the world. There is great value in uniqueness.

Change is possible. By utilizing a partnership approach and practice of new skills, positive change in behavior, mood, and overall functioning is possible.

Therapeutic work is based on goals. Our collaborative approach allows us to work together to develop specific goals for psychotherapy and coaching. In all cases goals developed will focus on improvement of specific behavioral, emotional, and/or social difficulties.

You are best served by a psychologist who specializes in working with specific therapeutic needs. We only work with children and families, attend several trainings a year in working with children with neurodevelopmental disabilities, and stay informed on the latest research in child and family psychological treatment.

Optimal psychotherapy is strength-based. Often psychotherapy focuses on what is wrong with a person. While we focus on how to improve weak areas of functioning, we also look at what a child is good at and try to capitalize on their strengths as we explore and develop coping skills and increased personal awareness.

Effective psychotherapy is evidence-based. Evidence-based psychotherapy is that which has been shown to be effective through research. Only techniques supported by research are utilized.


Children and families who are motivated to make change in their lives can expect outcomes similar to these…

…homework coping strategies for getting it started, getting it done and getting it to school on time.

…behavior plans to support children who have unpredictable behaviors and moods. We can work on morning and bedtime routines, how to cope with tantruming behavior, and discipline strategies that are calming and effective.

…organizational strategies for children and families who experience disorganization as a source of distress.

…coping skills to manage anxiety and minimize stress (for both kids and parents).

…development of appropriate language, so children can communicate their needs with words instead of unproductive behavior.

…a safe place and knowledgeable, empathic psychotherapist to talk to about all the strong feelings that come along with behavioral, emotional and social challenges.

Now that you have an idea of the way we work together, our values, philosophy and the results you can expect, please click here to check out our Services page to learn about specific services and programs.