Steps To Success

Steps to Success Program:

A workshop for parents of kids with Executive Dysfunction

Parenting a child with executive dysfunction can be a challenge.

The traditional parenting books offer tips and advice that don’t ever seem to work for you and your child.

Simple tasks like eating meals, getting ready for bed and getting dressed can be time consuming, overwhelming and stressful.

Homework tasks are a constant challenge. Even if your child does the homework, they often lose it or forget to give it to the teacher!

These struggles often confuse and frustrate parents.  You know your child is smart, so why can’t he complete seemingly simple tasks?

The first step to help your child become better organized and less overwhelmed is to understand how they think and why these tasks are so complex.  With that basic understanding, you can then develop strategies at home to support your child’s learning style and give them the independence they crave and deserve.

Understanding your child’s executive weaknesses will minimize stress in your home, cut down on nagging, whining and frustration. New organizational skills will allow your child to take care of their things, manage their daily routines and become better equipped to succeed in school.

To help parents understand their child’s executive functioning and begin the process of teaching and coaching their child toward increased independence, I’ve put together my Steps to Success Program.

“Steps to Success” is an 4 week workshop that focuses on:

Week 1: Goals for Improved Executive Functioning. We’ll explore why EF is  important and how it impacts all aspects of your family life. We’ll explore the specific areas of executive dysfunction your child and family struggle with and begin to set goals for addressing these areas at home.

Week 2:  The Seven Ways for Parents to Cope with a Child’s Executive Dysfunction. It’s easy to be confused and frustrated by your child’s struggles. Parents need coping skills before they can effectively help their child. I’ll cover seven ways parents can cope with their child’s executive dysfunction and we’ll begin to outline setting up the structure at home to maximize organization and efficient transitions from task to task.

Week 3: How to Support Independence.  All parents want their children to learn how to function in age-appropriate ways. For most kids this means increasing independence as they get older. However, many children with executive dysfunction get overwhelmed by basic tasks like getting ready for school or passing in their homework. We’ll explore ways to give your child the tools to be more organized and  independent at home and at school. I will outline specific examples of homework and evening routines to help parents and kids right away.

Week 4:  Protecting and Improving Self Esteem.   Many kids with executive dysfunction are smart and they know they have weak organizational skills.  In addition, they often hear adults reprimand them for being disorganized, late, or “lazy.” When we combine an awareness of weaknesses with a regular drumbeat of adult disapproval, kids are at risk to develop low self esteem.  This class will focus on how to support your child’s development of executive skills while maintaining healthy self-esteem.

How “Steps to Success” Works

Steps to Success is a virtual workshop that will be delivered via Live Webinar. All classes will be recorded and shared with all registered participants.

There will be a PDF of each class summary and a workbook you can use to apply the strategies discussed to your family.

You can attend the classes live or download the webinar recording and listen at your convenience.


The 4 week program includes:

  • Four 45 minute tele-classes
  • Summary and workbook for each class

Cost:  $75

Classes will take place Fridays at 12 noon ET:

Class 1: Friday, 1/17 at 12 noon ET

Class 2: Friday, 1/24 12 noon ET

Class 3: Friday, 1/31 12 noon ET

Class 4: Friday 2/7 noon ET

All classes are recorded and all registrants will receive downloadable links for the webinar and the workbooks to use at your convenience.

CLASS IS IN SESSION. However, you can join us at any time. When you register you will get immediate access to past classes and invitation to join us live for the remaining ones.

Please join us in learning how to support your child with their executive dysfunction.

If you have any questions about the program, please don’t hesitate to contact me: Susan @