What Will Your Child Do After High School?

What Will Your Child Do After High School? 

One of the great things about special education is that students with different learning styles are able to go to school with a cohort of their peers. Ideally, students can participate in the curriculum and school community and learn skills to prepare them for young adulthood.


The catch, however, is that special education does not exist beyond our children’s high school years. Often students who were supported by their teachers and community are left with neither once they graduate.


Even if a family and the teachers actively pursue a post-high school transition plan, the options of what our children will do in young adulthood seem few and their future independence seems difficult to envision, never mind achieve.


Part of the problem is a public education system that focuses on preparing students for college. As someone who spent a lot of years in college and graduate school, I can assure you college can be a great place and a college degree can open many career doors.


However, the traditional college experience is absolutely NOT for everyone. For students who are unique learners, learn best through experience or for whom book work isn’t easy nor enjoyable it makes sense to explore other post-high school options for career exploration and development.


But where are those alternatives to traditional college?


What is available for students who learn differently and are ready to be done with books and tests?


How can a student who worked so hard to survive high school figure out what they want to do for work and their career?

To support teens who are ready to succeed after high school, we have developed a 3 day summer workshop called:


What’s next? College and Career Exploration for students with learning differences


This program will support students and parents in learning more about and exploring:

  • Colleges and college programs designed to support students with learning differences
  • Options for a “gap year” and programs that support young adults exploring post high school education and work options.
  • Career training and development opportunities for students who learn best on the job

This workshop is for rising sophomores, juniors and seniors who are curious about what options they have to explore after high school.
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